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  • Ben Greiner

    The above Notification is triggered 60 days prior to AppleCare expiring. If AppleCare expires then the following Notification is sent.


    Warranty Has Expired


    This alert has been sent to help you make an informed decision about your hardware.


    • In some situations there is nothing to do, other than be aware that the device listed below will go out of warranty soon.

    • You may have the option to extend your warranty (see details below).

    • In all cases, if you currently suspect ANY hardware issue, take immediate action before the warranty expires.

    • As always, consult your IT team with any questions.


    This is an automated Robot Cloud alert pertaining to the device listed below.

    The warranty of this Mac has expired.

    Name: [Name] 
    Serial Number: [Serial Number] 
    Building: [Building Name] 
    Purchase Date: [Purchase Date] 
    Warranty Expiration Date: [Warranty Expiration Date]
    Contact: [Notification Email Address]

    For additional information visit:
    https://selfsolve.apple.com/[Serial Number]

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