Best Practices for Creating Apple IDs




  • Ben Greiner

    Related article ... " How many Apple IDs should your family have?

  • Ben Greiner

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  • Brian Frondorf

    Hi, thanks for the article and clarrification.   Now an additional question related to the AppleID.  We are a county government and we are implementing corporate only iPad's so we control the AppleID creation.  Now IOS 6 requires you to set up the AppleID with a credit card or itunes card.  We don't and do not want to have either.  I see no way around this requirement.  Tried on device and through itunes without success.   Any ideas?

  • Ben Greiner

    Hi Brian, I believe it's still possible to create an Apple ID that is NOT linked to a credit card. See Apple instructions here (updated 6 days ago):

  • Brian Frondorf

    Hi Ben, Last night I worked with Apple Support on multiple iPad V2 and new,  reset an iPad, attempted through itunes and "None" never appeared as an option.  We were on the phone for at least a couple hours.  I read your article and the links today and then gave it another go when you responded.  I have no idea what is different today but "None" is now an option.  Thanks for the the post and reply. 

  • Ben Greiner

    Excellent! Great news, Brian.

  • Brian Frondorf

    Yes, corresponding with Apple Support now.  If I am able to replicate, I will post.

  • Ben Greiner

    Parent Guide - Apple ID for Students (PDF)

    What Apple wants parents to know about Apple IDs for students under 13.

  • BenY

    Dear Ben,

    Many thanks for this old solutions but very important for us.
    We have to create 350 Apple ID account but nobody at APPLE SUPPORT have the solution for Whitelist our IP adress.
    Do you know how to contact Apple for whitelist our IP adress ?

    Thank you for your jobs !!!

  • Afif Rais

    Encountered the same problem, had to create over 70 new Apple ID. Finally used a TOR browser to create multiple Apple IDs, works like a charm. Thanks a lot Apple for making our lives difficult.

  • Ben Greiner

    Thanks for the tip Afif!

  • Ben Greiner

    @BenY, sorry I missed your comment — 3 months ago! I'm sure you've solved your problem by now. For others ... start by asking the Business Team at your nearest Apple Store.

  • Afif Rais

    There's more, once I created the Apple IDs I have to verify them with a payment method in iTunes. It is blocked there too! Had to use multiple VPN connection from all over the world!!

  • Martin Bjerregaard

    Are there a new solution on creating many apple id's ?

  • Ben Greiner

    Hi Martin, I'm not aware of any new process for creating many Apple IDs. I am at MacSysAdmin in Sweden and it was discussed that a plan for Apple IDs is a MUST:

    APPLE ID ...
    - Identifies a user to Apple.
    - Can be (most) any verifiable email address.
    - Provides access to Apple services
    - Is required for VPP Managed Distribution.
    - Apple ID for students (under 13 yrs),

  • Ben Greiner

    Martin, It was brought to my attention that you may want to consider the new Apple VPP program, I also updated this article to reflect the changes — you can now retain ownership of iOS apps.

  • Ben Greiner

    Family Sharing and Apple IDs for kids

    If you don't meet the age requirement to create an Apple ID

  • Brian Anderson

    "Until Apple delivers a better solution (Apple IDs for companies, or a way for a company to centrally manage several Apple IDs, please!) "


    You'll see 142 character Twitter posts or a credible, respected third political party in the US before that happens.

  • Ben Greiner

    Brain, Ha! We can dream, can't we!? :)

    Family Sharing is a step in the right direction.

  • lifethinkist

    Get and Create an Apple ID for Free Without iTunes, iPhone, or Credit Card

    Want to create an Apple ID without iTunes or an iPhone? Sign up at iCloud to get a free Apple ID, 1 GB storage, and access to iWork online.

    Note that there are a couple limitations with this method, so it might not be what you are looking for. The link talks about them and has an overview and screenshots of how to do this.

  • Ben Greiner

    @lifethinkist, thanks for contributing!

  • Ken Fried

    Thanks so much for this article, it really sums up the problems I've recently been having for a non-profit I'm volunteering at.

    I was wondering if you have any tips on what to use for the Name that you are supposed to enter?

    Since we are a volunteer organization, the people that use the iPads often come and go so it's not assigned to a particular person.

    Have you heard of any people running into trouble if we use our organization's name for the First Name and perhaps a number or something else for the Last Name?

  • Ben Greiner

    Hi Ken,

    Good question! I believe your naming idea will work. It's the email that is most important. Please let us know your results.

  • Ben Greiner

    Apple KB updated April 28, 2015,

    You can associate your Apple ID with up to 10 devices, with a maximum of 5 computers at any time. Each computer must also be authorized using the same Apple ID. You don't need to authorize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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