Secure Corporate iOS Devices The Smart Way




  • Ben Greiner

    This article is published in i.Business Magazine as _Cure Corporate iOS Devices The Smart Way. _

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  • Ben Greiner

    iPad Security: How a Hospital Group Treated Trouble

  • Ben Greiner

    Apple has since released the App Store Volume Purchasing for Business program.

    The one downside to this program is that it's often best to push the management of the App (syncing it, backing it up, updating the app) to the end-user (and their own personal iTunes account).  Because the app resides with the owner of the iTunes library where the code was redeemed this means that if the end-user leaves the company they take the app with them.

    This is still better than the alternative — trying to manage the app with a company owned iTunes account. Most iOS apps are inexpensive and can be considered a part of what's required to hire an employee and provide them with the tools they need.


  • Ben Greiner

    iOS Mobile Device Management

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