How To - Stream Video to your iPad or iPhone




  • Ben Greiner

    Safari 5 improves playback of iTunes media with the new full-screen view and closed captions of HTML5 video feature. The desktop experience now works more like the iPad.

  • john Flintosh

    Any chance you can break that down into more  laymen's terms? I'm fairly good with computers, I just god lost on step one.

    Also, I have all my music/movies stored on an TC and listen to music wirelessly on my home network. I am trying to find a way to listen to all my music, outside my home network, on my Iphone 3GS. Will these instructions work? 

  • Ben Greiner

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your comment. Since iTunes Home Sharing was introduced to the iPad, I've scrapped this setup. Although Home Sharing won't help you stream music to your iPhone outside the home, I believe iCloud will -- and it's coming very soon!

  • john Flintosh

    Is iCloud like MobileMe? My library is too large to upload all of it to my MobileMe account. 

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